Projekta nosaukums: ECVET in the field of health and social care - investigation and sharing of used instruments and principles (.PDF)

Projekta norises laiks: 2011. gada augusts – 2013.gada jūlijs.
Sadarbības partneri:
1. Akademie für berufliche Bildung gGmbH, Vācija
2. Alter-Form AID asbl, Beļģija
3. Rīgas 1.medicīnas koledža, Latvija
4. MEROSYSTEM s. r. o.,Čehija
5. Siawns Teg Limited, Lielbritānija
6. TENDA Solidarietà e cooperazione Brescia Est - Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali, Soc. Coop. Socialenija, Itālija
7. Grupul pentru Integrare Europeana, Rumānija
8. Izobra ževalni center Kadis 2002, zavod, Slovēnija
9. OSSE – Officina Sociale, cooperativa sociale a r.l., Itālija

Projekta apraksts:
Due to population ageing, there is hardly another professional field, where the need of well qualified employees in some European countries like Italy, Germany and France will increase so fast as in the branch of health and social care. The aim of the project is to promote the use of ECVET instruments and principles to support workers to use the freedom of work mobility within the field of health and social care by the recognition of learning outcomes, which can also be achieved by non-formal or informal learning. This sector therefore represents a good field for the insertion of ECVET on the labour market, provided that the systems of initial and further vocational education and training can promote this insertion. Therefore, this project will start up with developing an overview about the different systems of VET concerning professions in this field in the participating countries at EQF-level 2-5. The partners will share a common understanding of ECVET instruments and principles. The main task will be to share the existing "state of the art" analyses of testing and implementing ECVET within the field of health and social care in each country. Within a further step, the partners will share the existing methods to describe qualifications, to define assessment standards, and to compare and assure recognition of training courses, corresponding to ECVET instruments and principles. This will be ensured by relying on another Tranfer of Innovation Project, which will be introduced by the coordinator of this partnership. The outcome of this will be a summary of best practice models. Depending on that, the project will support the development of ECVET-partnerships by developing criteria for the memorandum of understanding, that are adapted to the specialities of this field. 

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